Spanish and Basque translations in the tourism and MICE field


What is the difference between translation and localization?

Translation is the process of converting a text from one language to another, whereas localization is the process of adapting the original text to the linguistic and cultural systems of the target market. In other words, the localization process must take into account the technical and cultural standards of the target market such as currencies, legislation, nomenclature, telephone numbers, systems of weights and measures, religious aspects, geographical aspects and so on.


What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

Editing consists of checking the accuracy of the translation and ensuring that this contains every single element of the original text. To do so, the original text is checked against its translation. Proofreading, on the contrary, focuses solely on the translated text and it consists of correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation errors that this may contain.

*Note: my services do not include editing and proofreading texts that are translated with machine translation systems such as Google Translate.


What file formats can I translate?

I generally work with the program Word, although I can also translate PowerPoint and Excel files. For other file formats (PDF, HTML, TXT, etc.), please check possibilities and conditions.


By what means can you send me the files?

To send me the files you wish to have translated, kindly fill in this form or email me at


How do I charge for my services?

The translation rates are calculated by the source word, and it varies depending on several factors such as the language pair, file format, degree of specialization of the text and so on. The editing rate is calculated by the hour. As to assistance in correspondence, it depends on the service required: if a translation is required, it is charged as such, and if writing is required, it is charged by the hour. Terminology management is included in the price. For more details, request a free quote.


What payment methods do I accept?

Generally, payments are made by wire transfer. PayPal is accepted only in exceptional cases. Cheques are not accepted.