Spanish and Basque translations in the tourism and MICE field

Why choose me?

Certified professional

I am a member of the Certified PRO Network, a program developed by the translator community Admission to this program is subject to compliance with several requirements by which the translator’s professionalism is evaluated. These are the most noteworthy aspects:

  • Translation ability, which is broken down into:
    • Competence in source language
    • Competence in target language
    • Research competence
    • Cultural competence
    • Technical competence

Moreover, the applicant must provide credentials and be committed to continuing professional development.

  • Business reliability: this is assessed through client references.

In-depth knowledge of my speciality field

In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation, I also hold a diploma in Tourism – hence it being my speciality. This provides me a perfect understanding of your industry, a necessary virtue to deliver a quality translation.

Continuing professional development

In my quest to renew myself professionally, I constantly train in translation as well as in tourism and MICE. These are some of the courses I have recently attended:

  • Esaldiak josten (2016)
  • SEO in tourism translation (2016)
  • Marketing para eventos (2015)
  • Organizador profesional de eventos (2015)
  • The confidentiality issue for translators and interpreters (2014)
  • Event Planner Course (2014)
  • Translating for the Travel & Tourism Industry (2013)
  • Translation in Travel & Tourism: Is it really that simple? (2013)
  • Zoom sur la traduction de textes touristiques (2013)

Furthermore, I always try to keep abreast of the latest news and trends in these sectors by reading specialized publications on a daily basis.

Commitment to quality

According to the European EN-15038 standard for quality in translation, a translation is considered to be of a minimal good quality if:

  • it is true to the original at all levels, both denotatively and connotatively.
  • it neither omits nor adds anything to the original content, and it reflects the message of the author of the source text as faithfully as possible.
  • it does not contain spelling or morphosyntactic errors, terminological errors, or inconsistencies.

Therefore, I proofread and correct the final text as often as necessary to deliver a top quality, reliable product.

Detail-oriented approach

“Little details make the difference” is a saying that perfectly fits my work philosophy. This motto is especially true for the tourism sector, where little details play a decisive role in client satisfaction. These details are also reflected in the written communication of the company.


I firmly guarantee that any information that the client provides me with and that I handle during the provision of my services will be treated as secret and strictly confidential. In addition to this, I will take all security measures within my reach so that no one can access that information illegally. With me, your private information and your documentation will be in safe hands.